We're glad you are here. Our time together will be memorable, but most of all, it will be an investment. In working with Thrive Creative Consulting, you’re investing in your businesses business development & marketing. You're investing in your businesses story, and most of all, you’re investing in getting more time back so you can get back to doing what you love in your business!

We’ve bundled our most popular services for your convenience, although we also offer a wide scope of add-on services for those looking for an even more customized experience.


Don't see what you're looking for? Simply ask, we're here to help and are happy to discuss a tailored package for any unique and special needs, so you can be sure to see results in your own custom package.

Our Services


So you're set with your business development, marketing and social media profiles, but you're not sure how they're doing? Let us come in and evaluate your strategies and platform(s) to give you a more clear breakdown of what is working and where potential opportunities are. With our audits we make sure your business development, marketing and social media are measuring up, give you insider tips, and help you craft the best strategy to reach your goals.


Social media is a foundational element of a consumer's experience, no matter the industry. Thrive's social media team creates timely, relevant and engaging content. We help foster meaningful conversations between small-medium sized companies and their audiences across platforms. And from organize social content and community management to paid social campaigns and influencer activations, we help to drive engagement, follower growth, website clicks and conversions.



When it comes to business development we understand each of our clients has unique challenges. It's just another reason why we are so hands-on and why we've developed a range of outsourced business development services to support each of our clients challenges. Our capabilities include ongoing full-suite services from prospect profiling, list development, event development and coordination, lead-generation follow-up and influential campaigns we can help.


We use a personalized and strategic approach to creating content for your brand and aim to provide value, education and inspiration to give people a reason to follow you. We’re not creating social media content & captions in bulk. Each post, caption, and campaign is thoughtfully created and tailored to each of our client's needs.


Our strategy sessions help you identify your brand message and build a story. We help you prioritize what to focus on so that you have clear insights on driving sales and building fluid customer engagement. Our strategy services are perfect for those looking to. partner to help analyze and provide meaningful direction in their business. Your brands needs will be met with personalized support and guidance.


If you have a team and resources available to manage your own social strategy, but need some guidance, Thrive Creative Consulting can help! From lunch-and-learns, to speaking opportunities, to one-on-one video conference calls, we'll create a custom plan or training for you and your team!

Hi! I am Malissa Sim

My name is Malissa Sim, the owner of Thrive Creative Consulting. I live in beautiful Denver, CO and have a background in Business Development and Marketing. I have always had a passion for helping others with their business development, marketing, social media and content creation needs. Most days you can find me strategizing business development ideas for clients, curating content or taking course to stay fresh in the business development and marketing game. When I'm not helping clients I enjoy writing on my personal blog or spending time with my family and friends.